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    Practical experience, technical and hands on training in many aspects of AC services were the foundations that would lead to the creation of Clean Air Duct Jacksonville as a full service Jacksonville air conditioning service company.

    We know that bigger is not always better. Sure, large companies can afford many opportunities, but many times the importance of true customer care and appreciation can take second place to profits, procedures and promotions. We know that in order to give the customer the combination of superior technical skills, quality workmanship, and the added value of personal and professional commitment, we would have to do so on our own.

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    Clean Air Duct Jacksonville works throughout Jacksonville FL. We service Northside, Northwest, Westside, Southside, Eastside, and nearby areas. You can check out our Service Area page to see the complete list of the areas we cater.

    CADJ is and has been active in many of the local Chambers of Commerce since 2000. We have also been involved with the BNI organization and other community based groups. To server our customers best, we need to know our communities!

    Every HVAC system is different

    Like our company name says, we are all about about your comfort. With your home air conditioning, or your business and commercial HVAC systems, we make sure your HVAC systems meets your needs. There is no single, one-size-fits-all air conditioning setup. Every home air conditioning and commercial HVAC customer has different needs and different requirements. With his years of knowledge, HVAC experience, and involvement in the community, Jimmy and his whole HVAC service team deliver what you need. We deliver not just comfort, but efficient, professional and technically superior ideas to enhance your heating and cooling systems. We constantly evaluate ourselves, our heating and air conditioning products, our HVAC practices, and HVAC suppliers to ensure we are able to offer the best our industry has to offer.