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    Air Conditioning Repairs

    Jacksonville HVAC is essential if the temperature is up there. And you better believe, in the Jacksonville area, that is the whole summer season long – and several of those spring and fall months too! Similarly, furnaces or some type of heating systems are essential for those few cooler months. We usually see heat pumps – but there are other systems out there as well. Electric furnaces, gas furnaces, gas packs and more – and we fix them all!

    Jacksonville FL HVAC Service

    Air Conditioning Repair When You Need It

    At Clean Air Duct Jacksonville, we’re on call 24/7 to offer air-conditioning repair when you need it most. We explain all your alternatives before starting the air-conditioning repair in order to decide what’s right for you. CADJ is licensed and insured, and we guarantee our work the very first time around. Since we repair and service all equipment brands, you can set your full confidence in us to professionally finish your air-conditioning repair.

    We install, service and repair central air systems, condensing units, and split duct systems. Ductless splits can be used for cooling, heat and dehumidification. Care is required on all units annually to prevent any breakdowns. Our experienced technicians will maintain your unit by vacuuming, acid cleaning the coil, checking your Freon and thermostats and lubricating any operating components. Don’t forget to utilize our duct cleaning system to clean your air ducts.

    Common Air Conditioning Problems

    In case you’re experiencing some of the following problems, you’re definitely not alone. Some of the very common A/C problems that warrant emergency repair include:

    • It just won’t turn on – or the fan runs, but it blows warm air
    • Grinding or squealing happens at startup or during operation.
    • Not able to maintain temperature
    • You hear a hum, but no fan comes on
    • Puddles of water around the Air conditioner unit