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    Ready to install an air conditioning system in Jacksonville?

    Florida FL HVAC ServiceChanges in the heating and air conditioning industry include new governmental regulations for higher efficiency ratings in the heating and cooling equipment. With these new regulations, come additional requirements to correctly determine the size (or capacity) of the equipment used to condition the indoor environment.  Clean Air Duct Jacksonville has invested in the technology and tools to insure an accurately designed air conditioning system is installed to meet your comfort needs. Energy savings options, such as zoning, programmable thermostats and split air conditioning, are our specialty. And add in NATE certified heating and cooling technicians to do it all!

    Air Conditioning system sizing is important

    Many people think bigger is better. And usually it is – but not for air conditioning systems. When you have an oversized air conditioning system dropping the temperatures in minutes, the moisture just doesn’t have time to be pulled out of your air. You end up with a whole lot of cold air dripping with moisture. Too large of a air conditioning system can create moisture, or humidity issues.

    On the flip side, if the contractor grade air conditioning system that might have been installed in your new home was sized a little on the snug side, you may not be getting the cooling that you need. There are regulations that guide all air conditioning system installations, but they aren’t always the best or most efficient – particularly after several years of service. Too small of an air conditioning system can leave you uncomfortable on those extremely hot August days, or really needing more heating than it can supply for those cold January nights.

    In with the new (Air Conditioning System)

    Install Split Air ConditioningWhether you are looking to get a new heating or air conditioning unit to reduce your energy usage, upgrade from an older model air conditioning system or because repairs on your current air conditioning unit are too costly, CADJ is here to help! We know this can be a very stressful time and we want to assist you with all of your questions and concerns as you choose your new air conditioning unit. Our goal is to match the size of your home and your personal needs to the most suitable air conditioning system available.

    We offer top air conditioning system brands, friendly advice, and heating and cooling design solutions that always delight our customers. From free in-home estimates for heating installation, air conditioning installation, furnace installation to general cooling system maintenance and tuning, air duct cleaning/indoor air quality services, CADJ is dedicated to your comfort.