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    HVAC Service Areas

    mqdefaultClean Air Duct Jacksonville covers the entire Jacksonville FL area. This includes all of Wake County, Johnston County, Nash County and Franklin County.

    We provide all types of HVAC services in those areas.  Because we handle all types of HVAC, please give us a call whenever you need general services, heating or air conditioning services.  We are available 24/7 for all emergency heating or emergency air conditioning issues.

    Some of our AC Services

    Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repairs

    At Clean Air Duct Jacksonville, we’re on call 24/7 to offer air-conditioning repair when you need it most. We explain all your alternatives before starting the air-conditioning repair in order to decide what’s right for you. CADJ is licensed and insured, and we guarantee our work the very first time around. Since we repair and service all equipment brands, you can set your full confidence in us to professionally finish your air-conditioning system properly.

    New Jacksonville AC Systems to BEAT that heat!

    We work with both builders and homeowners to provide the best air conditioning systems for any situation. If you’re currently building a home and you’d like to get the best value when you install AC units, then we are your company. With several lines to select from, we can find an excellent solution for every situation. Split system air conditioning, heat pumps, and more – we are experienced with sizing, quoting and installing all types of systems.

    We provide options from all major HVAC manufacturers including Lennox, Bryant, Heil, Goodman, Frigidaire, Rheem and Trane.

    Ready to install an air conditioning system in Jacksonville?

    Florida FL HVAC ServiceChanges in the heating and air conditioning industry include new governmental regulations for higher efficiency ratings in the heating and cooling equipment. With these new regulations, come additional requirements to correctly determine the size (or capacity) of the equipment used to condition the indoor environment.  Clean Air Duct Jacksonville has invested in the technology and tools to insure an accurately designed air conditioning system is installed to meet your comfort needs. Energy savings options, such as zoning, programmable thermostats and split air conditioning, are our specialty. And add in NATE certified heating and cooling technicians to do it all!


    Ductless Air Conditioning systems

    69-ac-diagnosticInstalling a ductless system in your Jacksonville home is not only simple, but it allows for flexibility in where you produce heating and cooling in your home less the usage of ductwork. An outdoor unit is placed outside your house – – regularly at ground level, but not always – – and is joined to an indoor unit by cables plus a line through a hole within the wall. The indoor unit is typically mounted high in the wall of the room and can be pre-set to run automatically or be adjusted by a remote control.

    Heating / Heat Pump Services

    In the Jacksonville area, we have a lot of crossover times where we need both heating and cooling.  Fairly warm daytime temperatures and then nights that can get pretty chilly and even downright cold. What this means for most people is that they need great heating and cooling systems year-round.  Both are frequently used the same days.

    Jacksonville Heat Pump Repair

    That heat pump – it’s probably one of the few things around the house that a DIYer just really should NOT try to repair. The systems are actually pretty complex. Honestly, you should be changing out the air filters monthly and you can go outside and clear the leaves and debris from the heat pump to increase efficiency yourself.  But when it comes to straightening things out when they just aren’t working?  That requires a heating repair tech that knows their stuff!  CADJ professional trained HVAC techs are there for you when it’s something more than dirty filter!

    All Types of HVAC Services

    CADJ operates throughout Jacksonville Florida and nearby areas. We provide air conditioning repair, air conditioning system install, HVAC services, air conditioning installation, commercial air conditioning and more in the these and surrounding areas:

    HVAC Service Areas