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    Old Garner Central Air Unit

    Old Garner Central Air Unit

    There are very few things that play such a crucial role in our regular standard of living as our Heating and air conditioning units. While in the North Carolina region, a majority of the year we are relying upon our air conditioning units. Obviously, you will find those couple of months where we could need a little heat, but a majority of the year, we’re coping with attempting to have our homes cool. That is when CADJ Garner AC repair services comes in. Sadly, when an air conditioner dies, temp increases – typically pretty fast. Our trained, certified HVAC techs can be at your house or business fast to identify and fix your difficulty.

    We’ll be ready to handle all kinds of HVAC systems including air handlers, heat pumps, central air, split air conditioning and other air quality systems. Our technicians are NATE certified to ensure you receive trained, knowledgeable service when we visit. We consistently give a responsible opinion of the problem.If you are trying to fix a ten year old system and we believe you’ll find yourself throwing more money at the problem than it would be to simply install new air conditioning, we’re going let you know these options.

    Contact CADJ for friendly neighborhood style air conditioning repair in Garner. We’re the people that will talk to you about your problem, be able to understand what you’re going through and get your Garner air conditioning repair scheduled fast.  When you contact us, you will NOT be talking to a dispatch desk – you will be talking to the owners. We take our air conditioning service quality seriously and strive to provide you the best service that we possibly can.

    NATE certified HVACR Technicians in Jacksonville

    We’re the Garner Air Conditioning Repair company that you’ll keep

    Jacksonville Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Jacksonville Air Conditioning Maintenance

    We have kept many of our Garner air conditioning repair customers for over a decade.  We establish long term relationships with most of our customers.  We provide worry free air conditioning maintenance services. We will be glad to schedule your air conditioning unit for regular maintenance calls.  We come out on a regular basis to clean your coils, check your air returns, make sure the ac system is all ready to go – and make sure your Garner air conditioning system is handling your needs properly and efficiently.  If we spot something that looks like it is going to cause you problems, we’ll let you know before it becomes a problem.

    Fair Pricing for your Garner Air Conditioning Repairs

    We offer great pricing on your Garner air conditioning service.  Even if it’s after hours.  And even if it’s a crisis. We don’t believe in jacking our prices up just because you’re in a bind. We believe in treating all of our customers like the neighbors they are.  Call our office  whenever you need a quality professional Garner air conditioning repair company that will treat you the way you WANT to be treated. Try CADJ today and you’ll have found your Garner air conditioning company for life.