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    Important Tips in HVAC Maintenance and Repair

    Digital Thermostat saves you money!HVAC systems are very important for ensuring comfort in the home. They regulate the air conditioning and ensure you and your family has fresh air all year round. The most important aspect in maintaining HVAC system is proper care and usage. Repairs have to be done at scheduled times to ensure optimum performance.

    It is advisable to have a HVAC company inspect and repair your system regularly. This is to ensure the lifespan is prolonged and the efficiency is increased.

    Some people would prefer to check the system on their own but the complexity of the wiring would require an expert technician. They understand the connection better and will solve any problems they will find. Apart from scheduling repairs and cleaning with Jacksonville FL HVAC experts, there are preventive measures that you as a homeowner can undertake to ensure your health and the system is at its maximum efficiency.

    The Do’s and Don’ts

    1. Find a good filter if you can. The filter traps all the dust particles and fluffs that could cause respiratory diseases in the home. The new efficient filters come with an electrostatic feature to help trap even the smallest particles from reaching the clean air. The filters are readily available in Jacksonville FL. If you have pets in the house, it is time you got this filter.
    2. Check the filter regularly. This can be after every 90 days but if the filter’s color has changed, it is time to change it. Do not wait for it to darken more. If you have pets, the inspection should be monthly and you may have to change the filter more often.
    3. In the summer and spring, there is more leaf debris and is likely to get into the system. Inspect the system regularly and clear the area of debris. The debris can also be grass when mowing the lawn which could get into the unit; make sure precautions are taken.
    4. Make a point of inspecting the insulation on the wiring to make sure there is no damage and have the repairs done before the whole unit is affected.
    5. Take care of the condensate drain. The moisture can cause growth of mould in the drain which could spread. Once a year, mix bleach and water to clean out the pipe.

    These tips can easily be done to ensure you are getting clean air and properly caring for your HVAC unit. For professional HVAC service in Jacksonville FL, contact us today!